Iceland, Aug 2016

This August my family took an awesome trip to Iceland, and I wanted to post a a a couple of the photos I took there. I am used to seeing eroded, worn-down glacial features in the New England landscape, so watching glaciers actively shaping their surroundings was incredible. Plus, seeing the faults from the mid-ocean ridge at Thingvellir was fantastic, especially since the area used to host the Icelandic chiefs’ annual meeting, making it of historic interest as well.


A waterfall with some incredible columnar jointing. I think I’m spoiled for basalt columns forever from this trip…


Me looking really keen in front of Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Iceland.


A braided river channel coming off the end of a glacier. The rivers were crossed by 1-lane grated metal bridges, which were hundreds of yards long, to accommodate the channels migrating and avulsing.

Cool geology coupled with some great family card games and hikes, and of course a trip to the Blue Lagoon spa, made for a great vacation!