I defended my PhD at Caltech in spring 2023 with the support of my advisor Mike Lamb, and am currently spending a one-year postdoc at MIT working with J. Taylor Perron and Kenneth Kamrin modeling root anchoring in granular materials. In July 2024 I will be starting as an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science.

I am currently recruiting undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdocs to join the Berkeley Earth Surface Dynamics Lab. Right now, I am working on rebuilding the flume lab at the Richmond Field Station and developing projects that will include fieldwork in California and the Arctic, mathematical theory and modeling, and collaborations with geochemists and geobiologists. I am looking to recruit a lab group with diverse identities and life experiences to tackle interdisciplinary scientific problems involving Earth surface processes. Strong candidates for the graduate program should have mathematics coursework through at least multivariable calculus, programming experience, and coursework in geology and/or fluid dynamics and mechanics. Most important, all undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs must have a strong curiosity about the natural world and drive to understand it.

If you are interested in joining me at Berkeley, please read through the material on the EPS website to determine if the program is a good fit for you, then reach out to me directly at mmdouglas@berkeley.edu, attaching a copy of your resume/cv.